KevCoin: making comedy from cryptocurrency

See the trailer for a new British Altcoin-com that’s coming to a screen near you, soon…

Writer and director Jason Attar is set to bring his comedic take on digital finance to the world in the form of KevCoin: The Movie – a comedy documentary spoof that involved the creation of a cryptocurrency using the Ethereum blockchain.

KevCoin: The Movie is, to all intents and purposes, a follow-on from his previous low-budget, award winning flick One Night in Powderdescribed by one reviewer as “Spinal Tap meets Nathan Barley”, lofty praise by any standards – and will feature Attar’s rock star ‘fixer’ character, Kevin Powder.

This time around, though, Kev is trying to find relevance outside of the music business by taking a leap into the brave new world of cryptocurrencies.

Adopting the style refined by Sasha Baron Cohen in films like Borat, KevCoin was shot on the streets of Peckham, London and co-opts a range of local characters into the antics. It tells the story of KevCoin – Powder’s own cryptocurrency, which he creates and attempts to establish value for by using it as payment for anyone participating in the making of his sci-fi ‘movie-within-the-movie’, The Day Peckham Stood Still. Along the way, one presumes, much will be learned about how the ICO market works – both practically, and ethically.

Still with us? Good!

KevCoin looks to play to its star’s penchant for producing comedy on the hoof – with Attar having over 20 years of improv experience. It also, however, taps into his fascination for cryptocurrencies inspired by an early brush with Bitcoin – and his belief that ICOs could be a brilliant way for people to get involved and back film projects more easily than through traditional film investment or through crowdfunding.

The film will be released directly to the crypto community on June 28th through the movie’s Facebook page and will cost $5 to download and own or stream – with payments accepted in either cash or equivalent cryptocurrency. As a bonus, buyers will also get 5,000 Ethereum-based ERC20 KevCoin tokens to keep via the wallet of their choice. Merch available from the site will also see buyers rewarded with the cryptocurrency.

Watch the trailer for this wonderfully weird project below.