12 GPU cryptocurrency mining system goes on sale

Boasting 12 GPUs and nearly as many fans, iMine has announced its flagship cryptocurrency mining product…

iMine Corporation, a company that – as its name suggests – has a heavy interest in cryptocurrency mining hardware, has announced what it’s calling its flagship mining product.

It’s called the Ai-1, and it’s a pretty much ready to go machine that boasts 12 GPUs in its impressive spec. According to the official announcement from iMine, the machine outputs over 490 Megahash/s. A single hash, if you’re not familiar with the term, is a process where a machine processes a piece of data of variable size, and maps it to a fixed size. In effect, sorting through data records, and taking a guess at the key needed to solve a particular block. It can take millions of guesses to do so, but the prize when complete is cryptocurrency. Obviously, the more guesses a machine can take in a short space of time, the better.

490 Megahash/s, then, is a machine capable in theory of taking 490 million of those guesses a second. Which is quite a lot.

The Ai-1 Comes with the fans to keep those GPUs cool, although obviously expect an accompanying spike in your electricity bill. It comes pre-installed with the EthOS operating system, which is a specialist cryptomining setup. Furthermore, iMine claims its new machine is compatible with “with most of the popular cryptocurrency algorithms including Ethash (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic), Equihash (Bitcoin Gold, ZCash), CryptoNightV7 (Monero), and Lyra2Rev2 (Vertcoin)”.

Pricing has not yet been confirmed, but you can find out more on what iMine is up to over at iminecorp.com.

Image: BigStock. Product image of Ai-1 has not yet been released