15% of Metropolitan Bank’s deposits made by crypto investors

New York City’s Metropolitan Bank has reported that more than 15% of its deposits are made by crypto investors and clients.

The unexpected figure has caused the bank to investigate how it might support these traders further, as revealed in a recent interview.

Nick Rosenberg, CTO of Metropolitan Bank, said: “We’re certainly very interested in growing this vertical. We’ve learned that it’s a serious industry. There are some very smart people involved. There are some very interesting ideas coming out that could really change the way people do business.”

This week a survey revealed that many high net worth individuals who were considering crypto investment were not being given enough information from wealth managers.

But there are plenty of investors entering the crypto space regardless, as proven by recent figures that include the fact that 14% of Japanese millennial businessmen currently own crypto, or that 47%of South Africans plan to invest.