32 cryptocurrencies are facing a delisting warning

The crypto exchange Huobi has flagged a whole bunch of currencies and tokens…

A fun way to end the year for 32 different cryptocurrencies that have been given a festive treat by leading exchange Huobi. That’s because Huobi has threatened them all with potentially being delisting from the exchange. Ho ho ho!

Huobi lists its reasons for delisting a currency at a post here, where it threatened to add a warning tag to those it felt were on the wrong side of risky for some reason.

Those reasons include a project missing its weekly report, low trading volume over a period of 15 days, or basically not having sufficient funds. A tag has duly been added to a collection of currencies, which now gives them due notice that on Boxing Day – the festive cheer continues – the assorted currencies and tokens will have a further check-up. If they fail that, the likelihood is that trading pairs of said currencies and tokens will be duly cancelled.

To give you a flavor of who’s affected, projects include:

BitCapitalVendor (BCV)
BnkToTheFuture (BFT)
AppCoins (APPC)
Enigma (ENG)
Gas (GAS)
MyToken (MT)
Intelligent Investment Chain (IIC)
Medicalchain (MTN)
MediShares (MDS)
Ripio Credit Network (RCN)
Raiden Network Token (RDN)
XMax (XMX)
WePower (WPR)
Zilla (ZLA)

There’s nothing particularly high profile there, and it sounds like a case of an exchange doing some cleaning up at the end of the year. None of the currencies concerned has been openly accused of anything, we should add. It may be a simple case of some administration needs to be done. Things may well be clearer in a couple of days…

Image: BigStock