Gwyneth Paltrow’s website gives cryptocurrency a nudge, and Paltrow has a further vested interest

Gwyneth Paltrow looks like she’s backing cryptocurrency…

The latest high profile convert to the world of cryptocurrency? That might just be Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow, who has been Tweeting about crypto from her personal account.

She was doing so to promote an article on the website of her company, Goop. Said article – The Basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – and How To Invest – wasn’t written by Paltrow, but was effectively on her site. Furthermore, her millions of Twitter followers received this late yesterday afternoon…

The general response underneath her Tweet was more positive than negative, too.

But as has increasingly come to light since her Tweet – and it’s not as if she Tweets everything on her Goop website – Paltrow does have interest in crypto, and she’s hardly a new convert. She is an advisor to Abra, and has been since the summer of 2017. She got involved with that project courtesy of an Apple show, Planet Of The Apps, where she was chosen as an adviser by Abra boss Bill Barhydt.

The article that appeared on Goop manages to mention Abra in the first two paragraphs on three separate occasions. Furthermore, Barhydt is the key interviewee for the article. Paltrow’s involvement in Abra is never declared in the piece.

Abra is a wallet technology that lets you invest in 28 different cryptocurrencies and then store them all in one place. Simplification of the process seems to be at the heart of its methodology. More details on that here.

Whether Paltrow herself is a Bitcoin investor or not is unclear. But by lending her name to Abra, and endorsing the article on the website run by her company, she’s certainly already coming across as perhaps Hollywood’s most high profile, crypto-friendly actor. Albeit one who isn’t fully showing her hand…

Image: BigStock