9 new Bitcoin ATMs are being installed a day

The rise in cryptocurrency cash machines continues…

Whilst there’s still a sizeable way to go before the installation of cryptocurrency ATMs comes anywhere close to the number for traditional cash machines, figures from CoinATMRadar have revealed that there are now over 3500 Bitcoin ATMs installed worldwide. Furthermore, over half of those also have support for other coins as well (Litecoin and Ether being the most prominent alternatives).

Perhaps most interestingly, its figures also reveal that 2018 has seen a spike in new machines installations, with nearly 1500 crypto ATMs being setup this year alone. Furthermore, CoinATMRadar is reporting that 8.72 new Bitcoin ATMs are being introduced on average every day.

The vast majority of the machines thus far are found in North America, accounting for just north of 74% of installations to date. By way of contrast, in Europe, 21% of the machines are located. That said, every continent is now represented, and the site has put together a Google Map overlay that allows you to track down crypto ATMs by coin and location. You can find that map here.

General Bytes and Genesis Coin are the two companies who account for over 60% of the installed cryptocurrency ATMs around the world, although there are over 30 different companies globally who supply such machines. In spite of what’s been a bumpy couple of months for cryptocurrencies, there appears little slowdown in cryptocurrency ATM installations, and the 4000 mark should be broken – if current trends continues – before the end of 2018.

Image: BigStock