A gaming firm wants you mine cryptocurrency – but it’ll take two months to even get a baseball cap in return

Razer wants your spare processing power to mine cryptocurrency. And, er, there’s potentially a baseball cap in it for you…

The videogame market has found itself very loosely tied to the world of cryptocurrency over the past year or two. Primarily because companies who have specialised in graphics boards for gamers – Nvidia and AMD – have hugely benefited from cryptocurrency miners driving up the cost of their products.

However, over the past few months – in line with the falling price of cryptocurrencies – interest in crypto mining has been wining. So much so that Nvidia, for one, is set to suffer to the tune of potentially up to $1bn.

Into this climate, with prices still not climbing, another videogaming company is jumping in, even as others are fleeing. Razer, a hardware manufacturer, has unleashed its own brand of cryptocurrency mining software. It goes by the name of Razer Softminer. You can use the company’s software to mine crypto, but in return, you only get rewarded with Razer Silver. This is a scheme that’s basically used as a customer loyalty programme.

According to Razer, if you install the software and use it on the side, it’s possible to earn around 500 Razer Silver tokens over the course of 24 hours. To put into context just what that allows you to get, a Razer Rising Snapback Cap will set you back 35000 Silver tokens. So, er, if you mine cryptocurrency on behalf of the company for just over two months, you might have something to keep your head covers. Smashing.

Here’s the Tweet announcing the release of the software. Er, some of the comments are not on the charitable side…