CryptoNewsReview (“CNR”) is a news publication that provides independent analysis and critical reporting of crypto and blockchain, by a team of experienced and professional journalists.


CNR was created to fill a clear gap in the marketplace. Crypto reporting is a landscape that’s awash with poor journalism. CNR was created as a new, online publication to deliver quality news, feature and opinion coverage. A publication staffed by and leveraging experienced, qualified professional journalists rather than hobbyist writers. A publication that delivers impartial coverage of the whole industry and seeks to be a valued contributor to and respectable citizen of the crypto ecosystem.


Our Values


  • Inquisitive – we ask questions, we don’t simply repeat press releases. Our role is to investigate stories on behalf of our readers and deliver useful, meaningful insights to them.


  • Probing – we challenge the industry to be transparent and detailed about its activities.


  • Honest – we remain impartial and independent in our journalism. Where this is not the case, and where content is not our journalism, we will declare it.


  • Sceptical – we are positive about the potential for the sector, but we insist on proof of concept and success at every stage. We want the companies we cover to succeed, but we want proof of that success before we will champion it.


  • Original – we seek to create new and unique content. To take the conversation forward and in new directions, not simply repeat what has already been said by others.


We tell it how it is, with honesty and integrity.