Accenture: Regulators need to be part of the innovation journey

Interest in blockchain from the US government has produced an “unprecedented degree of participation and collaboration,” says Accenture boss.

David Treat, managing director and co-head of Accenture’s Global Blockchain Practice, has spoken about the opportunity to become part of the government’s blockchain efforts, particularly in digital identity.

He told CoinDesk: “Ultimately, it’s important that how we modernize digital identity satisfies all of the needs of what a nation-state needs as well as an individual, and we think the solution pattern we’re designing and starting to build really threads that needle and can satisfy both.

“The more [regulators] can come along with everyone else and be part of that innovation journey and modernize regulation, the better off we’re going to be.”

This is a slightly different approach than many have adopted, welcoming regulation should it work with the best interests of both government and individuals.