AdEx blockchain-powered ad exchange launches beta

AdEx has now launched its blockchain-based advertising platform in beta, including an accessible UI for use by publishers and advertisers.

The platform is built on Ethereum, and provides a new kind of marketplace for the sector. With it, users’ bids will be stored as off-chain signed messages awaiting acceptance.

The official announcement reads: “AdEx users (both publishers or advertisers) will have the option to log in with popular crypto wallets. Initially, only the Metamask option will be available, however, Ledger and Trezor will be made available shortly.”

AdEx recently held the world’s first blockchain ad auction in partnership with travel media firm Ink, selling 1 million ad spaces on boarding passes.

“In the upcoming months we will focus on the seamless onboarding of all advertisers and publishers who have expressed interested in using AdEx for their advertising needs. We will also actively seek prospective users to speed up the adoption of our DApp.

“Along with this, our development team will continue working on improving scalability and on introducing new functionalities to the platform.”