And now Paul Scholes is supporting cryptocurrency too

Former Manchester United football Paul Scholes lends his support to a new crypto token…

There’s a growing number of (generally former) sports stars who are lending their names to cryptocurrency projects. Amongst them are talents such as former footballer Ronaldinho and sprint legend Usain Bolt.

Now, a couple more names can be added to the list, with the latest addition being former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes.

Scholes, who now does television punditry work, is lending his support to what’s called the 433 Token. This is a project that looks to connect fans, football stars and upcoming youth talent. As per the website of 433 Token, fans can “participate in developing the next superstar” and “enjoy personal interaction with a legend”. They’re also promised the ability to “contribute to important decision-making”, although that’s a deliciously vague phrase that’ll be interest to see how it’s actually realised.

Joining Scholes in supporting the project is former striker Andriy Shevchenko, and everybody looks suitably chipper at this signing ceremony. We’re sure they’re all there purely for the love of the game.

Pre-sale for the 433 Token is open now, and will run through until December 8th. Then the public sale, with a 0.1 ETH minimum, goes live from December 10th through to January 10th.

“Grab your tokens before three billion football fans get their hands on it”, teases the website. Given the, er, slightly flatter state of the ICO market of late, if there’s three billion people in the queue for tokens, the Scholes has worked even more magic than he did in his playing days…

Image: BigStock