As regulators dither, NASDAQ reportedly looking to list cryptocurrencies in 2019

A new rumour suggests that the NASDAQ is set to take a lead where cryptocurrencies are concerned…

Even as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in America continues to be resistant to cryptocurrency and exchange traded funds (ETF) linked to it, it seems others are poised to seize the initiative.

In particular, it looks as though the NASDAQ stock market is plotting, with a new report over at The ICO Journal suggesting that it’ll be looking to list cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2019. This would be a major shift forward for crypto, should it happen.

A source is being cited by the report, who suggests that discussions are ongoing as to how to classify coins that NASDAQ lists “from a regulatory standpoint”. Unsurprising given the current reticence of the SEC, who is likely to want some say on the matter.

Still, the source also suggests that things will move quite quickly, suggesting that regulatory bodies will be sought out for guidance at the start of next year, with the formal announcement of some kind of coin exchange coming as soon as the second quarter of next year.

As you might expect, there’s been no official word from the NASDAQ itself, although given how it looks to position itself as a progressive and pathfinding stock market, the story would make sense. It’s believed that the first coins likely to be listed on the NASDAQ, if all this comes to fruition, would be Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the idea being that they’re fully tradeable.

The ICO Journal can be found here. If its source is on the money, NASDAQ has already done a lot of groundwork where cryptocurrencies are concerned, and the next few months could be of particular interest…

Image: BigStock