Ashton Kutcher donates $4m, courtesy of Ripple, live on Ellen Degeneres’ show

Actor/investor promotes Ripple’s tech with a live demo of payments app tech on US TV, and an XRP-powered drop into Ellen’s Wildlife Fund.  

Yesterday, Ashton Kutcher went on Ellen DeGeneres’ US chat show to make a large donation to the host’s Wildlife Fund on behalf of crypto-tech company, Ripple. It was the latest of high-profile philanthropic/promotional moves by the company, to help plug its payments tech. That’s the same tech that underpins Santander’s One Pay FX, the app that Kutcher appeared to use to transfer the big donation ‘live’ on air – albeit in a reskinned, re-spec’d form. Whereas Santander’s offering is currently limited by country (UK users can transfer across Europe, and to the US) and the amount you can transfer per-day (£10,000), Kutcher appeared to convert the money into Rwandan Francs, just for funsies. Quite how he did it, or whether the conversion actually happened, remains unclear.

The $4m transfer, according to The Financial Times‘ Alphaville report/roast amounts to 0.03% of Ripple’s current holding of XRP, based on a market cap for the crypto of $24bn. Ripple, the company, currently holds in the region of 60% of the total XRP in existence in its coffers, despite claiming that Ripple the company and XRP the currency (also known as Ripple) are separate entities. That’s a controversial policy that has bought it under the scrutiny of US regulators more than most, and been the target of criticism from some influential quarters.

You can see below exactly how much air time, product plugging and good publicity a $4m donation can buy you…