Australian sports star in the middle of cryptocurrency endorsement row

Former Australian cricketer Michael Clarke is being criticised for a new endorsement…

A new cryptocurrency endorsement in Australia has generated an instant amount of backlash, it appears. Michael Clarke, the former Australian cricket captain, had lent his name to a company called Global Tech Exchange, that is in the midst of its own ICO. The said pre-ICO opens next week, and the project is billed as “a crypto community for the people by the people”.

It does explain things a little more, saying that “our platform will connect cryptocurrency traders across the globe, from novice investors to elite strategists, to allow everyone to benefit from the next generation of financial investment technology”.

Where does Michael Clarke come in? Well, thus far he’s sent out a single Tweet. This one…

However, a high profile Australian investor, John Hempton, instantly criticised Clarke, arguing that he should “just buy sandpaper. It will do less damage to your reputation”.

Hempton hasn’t gone into more details on his criticism, and it appears that Clarke has blocked him on Twitter. What many have picked up on is that Clarke appears to be talking about learning blockchain, after he’s given his endorsement.

It’s unclear, though, if the backlash is because of a general distrust of cryptocurrency investments and ICOs, or if there’s something specific about what Global Tech Exchange is trying to do. What’s clear is that the endorsement hasn’t gone too cleanly so far.

Its website can be found here.

Image: BigStock