Australian University launches country’s first open blockchain course

RMIT University has announced a new 8-week course focusing on blockchain strategies and applications, open to students and the public alike.

The course description reads: “You’ve probably heard of blockchain. It’s the technology that powers a US$180 billion cryptocurrency industry. But the truth is, Bitcoin is only a small part of blockchain’s potential. We’re here to show you the big picture.

“Learn the foundations of blockchain, study with global thought leaders and get mentoring from industry experts.”

The technology sector across the world has struggled to grow skillsets and experience fast enough to fill the roles rapidly being created by new innovations. Courses such as this aim to get ahead of the game with blockchain before a similar problem arises.

Helen Souness, CEO at RMIT Online, said: “Blockchain will play a critical role in the future of business, with its application already prevalent across multiple industries like finance, government, energy and health care.

“With every major innovation in technology comes great opportunities and new risks. At RMIT Online, we believe individuals and businesses need to understand technology quickly, to adapt their strategy to meet these opportunities. This course aims to do that.”