Stories by: Gareth Halfacree


Review: Coinkite Coldcard Bitcoin and Litecoin Hardware Wallet

The biggest challenge to mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies, before mass adoption will ever be possible, is in making them easy to both secure and spend. Current hardware wallets, like the popular Ledger Nano S or Trezor One, are a great first step, but they’re simply too expensive – which is where Coinkite’s Coldcard comes in. […]

Review: Opera for Desktop Cryptocurrency Wallet (Beta)

Browser-builder Opera has delivered on its promise to integrate the cryptocurrency wallet functionality first introduced on its Android browser into its desktop software, but the current beta release reveals that the company has some way to go before it could consider the feature ready-to-ship. Mobile-First Development Opera’s decision to concentrate its efforts on adding cryptocurrency […]

A starter guide to trading terminology

While cryptocurrencies may not have any physical presence, they are like any other commodity from fiat currencies through to coal or precious metals: they can be traded for profit, and traded they are. Like the foreign exchange (forex) markets, the cryptocurrency markets see millions and millions of pounds whizzing by at breakneck speeds every day […]