Ayre sponsors Ayr United to boost Bitcoin Cash

Scottish football team will carry BCH cryptocurrency branding next season.

Online casino entrepreneur and Bitcoin Cash evangelist, Calvin Ayre, is paying to sponsor the Ayr United football team – and brand their shirts with the Bitcoin Cash logo and name. Under the banner of his CoinGeek.com site, Ayre will also be paying the club in BCH – a world’s first for this kind of deal.

Ayr United’s Commercial Director Graeme Miller explains, “We were initially approached to see whether we could accept sponsorship payment in BCH. It was a big learning curve for us but we are very happy to be the first club to accept not just payment by BCH but also to promote the cryptocurrency to a wider audience.”

Ayre previously sponsored the club using his Bodog brand, courting controversy with his less-than-politically-correct promotional choices such as promoting kit launches using body-painted topless models, so he’s no stranger to attracting headlines. Certainly, in the wake of the long running Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash debate, comments like “BCH really is the only true bitcoin”, which was part of the press release for this news, are likely to stir things up and attract more than a little ire.