Big losses for crypto investors recorded in September (but they ain’t panicking)

A new report suggests that September saw a quarter of big crypto investors made ‘large losses’…

September was a bumpy month in the world of cryptocurrency, and it seems that some investors got quite heavily stung as a consequence. That’s according to the latest monthly report from OK Blockchain Capital, which argues that whilst September was an incident-filled month in the cryptocurrency sector, the price trend was nonetheless downwards.

It noted that the highest profile stories tended to centre around the growing pressures on cryptocurrency mining, and on the introduction of new stablecoins. But still: when questioned, sizeable investors in crypto were reporting that they made ‘large losses’ on their investments in September.

In fact, another quarter of respondents were reporting small losses, and only 3.3% of the investors queried could record large gains.

Bitcoin remains steady as the main currency holding for investors, with a notable lead over nearest rivals EOS and Ethereum. That said, Bitcoin holdings accounted for less than a quarter of those amongst bigger investors. Platform tokens remain the most popular, but gaming is big too.

Not that investors seem to be panicking. Most have been in a holding position for a good deal of the year, with a policy of HODLing appearing to be the way forward. There’s optimism too, with most believing that prices will rise over the next six months.

The full report is available to read here, and it makes for cautious reading, but with an undercurrent of confidence for what lies ahead. Interestingly, amongst the coins investors are looking to back over the next year, OKB has bubbled up alongside Bitcoin. One worth keeping an eye on, perhaps…

Image: BigStock