Binance boss: “October to December are the good months”

The CEO of Binance is fully expecting the bulls to return…

A growing number of people are expecting a bright end to the year for cryptocurrencies, buoyed to some degree by fond memories of Bitcoin’s near-$20,000 price spike at the very end of 2017.

One of those who thinks that the last quarter bears promise is the co-founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ). In his recent interview with CryptoGlobe, he admitted that he’s not the kind of person who actively trades himself – “I always buy and hold”, he said – but that also, he expects a bright end to the year.

He caveats his views by saying “I don’t make predictions, I just react”, but also, he points out that “October to December are the good months. Before Christmas are usually the months when the markets go up very often”, cautioning that “I am not saying that it will this year, or that it will not”.

Still, he’s one of many who believes that “the bull market will return”, and there’s a broader sense of an upcoming run on cryptocurrencies that will see a spike in prices again.

CZ makes the point in his interview that he assesses prices on a yearly basis, pointing out that when Bitcoin hit its infamous price spike last year, that it was only for “a week or so”. His eyes are firmly on the long term, and he retains his ongoing belief that the value of cryptocurrencies will ultimately soar further. For the time begin: HODL!

The full interview can be found here.