Binance has launched its own public blockchain, and value has soared

Cryptocurrency firm Binance will launch its own tailored blockchain as part of a future decentralised exchange, the company has announced, and the Binance coin has jumped massively due to the news.

In a blog post announcing the news, the company said:”In the world of blockchain, we have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Thus, a tailored blockchain is the best way to communicate ourselves.

“After extensively researching decentralized exchange frameworks and analyzing existing implementations, we believe significant improvements can be made in providing Binance users with a level of trading experience to which they are already accustomed.”

CCN reports that, following the announcement, Binance Coin has risen by more than 25 per cent in just one day – making it the 24th largest cryptocurrency as of today.

“We know how hard it is to create a business, however, creating history is even harder. The real enemy is often ourselves. We need to continuously improve and disrupt ourselves. We need to work together to create a better version of ourselves. The futures belongs to the new us, together.”