Binance is launching a new research sector to improve transparency in the crypto industry

“Institutional-grade research reports” incoming…

Major exchange Binance is launching a new research division to improve transparency and information quality in the crypto industry.

The announcement was published on the company’s website on Thursday.

Following previous educational sector, Binance Academy, Binance Research will produce “institutional-grade research reports” with the aim of improving information in the industry.

“Binance Research is a new pillar of the Binance ecosystem, focused on the creation of institutional-grade research reports with the aim of increasing transparency and improving the quality of information available within the crypto space.” reads the official statement.

The new division will produce “institutional-grade research reports” over on its website,  two of which have already been posted. The first covers the Loom Network, which uses DPoS sidechains to provide a scaling solution for Ethereum. The second looks at Gochain: a decentralised blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed apps.

The exchange will be releasing more of these research reports “over the coming weeks,” with the next investigating crypto-payment platform, Pundi.

At the beginning of this year, Binance became the world’s largest crypto-exchange, with a BNB market capitalisation of $1.3 million.

Binance expressed its plans to move office to Malta earlier this year to avoid the heavy crypto regulations set by officials in China and Japan. It is also working to include fiat currencies such as the Euro and British Sterling to increase its influence in European markets. 

Most recently, the company expanded its range to the African market. Last month, the company announced its new fiat to crypto exchange platform directed toward Uganda, which enables users to deposit Ugandan Shilling (UGX) as well as BTC and ETH, and complete full account verification.