Binance quietly makes iOS app available via App Store again

Over the last couple of days, with little-to-no fanfare, the iOS App Store has begun to offer downloads of the official Binance iOS app – meaning i-device users no longer have to jump through hoops to get it. 

Binance has had an App for Apple’s iOS eco-system for some time, however it has never been consistently available via the notoriously restricted Apple App store, meaning users have had to take it upon themselves to download and install the apk, effectively circumventing Apple’s tight security measures – and displaying a level of dedication not usually associated with users of iPhones.

However, rather quietly, over the last few days an official App Store download for the software has reappeared – taking even some of the most knowledgeable users of the service by surprise.

A thread in the r/BinanceExchange subreddit recently popped up looking to confirm the authenticity of the software – which has previously appeared and disappeared from the App Store on a couple of occasions, with little or no information forthcoming as to what was happening behind the scenes regarding why or when it would return. It has also, on occasion been blighted by scam version – though that’s generally a problem for the less-restricted Android platform.

iOS App on App Store from r/BinanceExchange

Even with the reappearance on Apple’s official store, initial reactions from readers of the thread was sceptical regarding whether this was legit – until an accredited member of the Binance staff appeared to offer reassurance.


That there has been little or no fanfare regarding this from the exchange – which, let it be said, has rarely been seen to be shy about courting column inches – is probably indicative of the love/hate relationship it appears to have with the App Store’s custodians. It may also reflect uncertainty about when the notoriously tricky job of conforming to Apple’s Developer rules may become problematic for it again. However, for now you can grab the official iOS App without having to do anything too technical with your iPhone from your devices App Store (it’s there in the UK, at least) or see more details here.