Binance tries to bolster cryptocurrency and blockchain confidence by naming ‘gold standard’ projects

Binance announces its ‘Gold Label’ standard, and the first 30 projects who qualify for it…

Confidence in cryptocurrency projects and initial coin offerings (ICOs) has hardly been bolstered this year by the stories of price drops and regulators closing in on projects that they feel have breached rules. How, then, can those on the outside of the cryptocurrency sector feel confident about joining in? About investing in crypto without worrying over whether their funds will be safe?

That’s where one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, comes in.

It’s introducing what it calls the Gold Label Project. The aim of this is to reward and positively draw attention to the coins and projects that keep investors up to date and informed as to what’s going on.

30 projects have thus made it onto Binance’s list, and they’ve all been announced. They are:

Tron, Ontology, IOS Token, Aelf, Bluzelle, Gifto, Cybermiles, Skycoin, Qtum, QLC Chain, NEO, GXChain, H Cash, Nebulas, Quark Chain, Project Pai, Contentos, IoTeX, Genesis Vision, Wanchain, NULS, YOYOW, Digix Global, Nano, Aeron, OST, Enjin, Nexus, Verge and Zcoin.

Binance is also opening the door to other projects who wish to seek the Gold Label verification, and it’s opening up an application process over at its website, here.

In its official announcement of the scheme, Binance said that “We are setting the industry standard for comprehensive, accurate information on crypto projects, with Binance Info’s new Gold Label Project”. It’s expected that more projects will be announced that qualify for said standard in the months and weeks ahead.

Image: BigStock