Bitcoin Cash compromise shot down; Calvin Ayre threatens opponents with incriminating doc dump

The boss of CoinGeek got short shrift from the Bitcoin ABC side after his proposal for ending the war for The Cryptocurrency Formerly Known As Bitcoin Cash (TCFKABC). He’s not happy about it.

Following his somewhat pejorative blog proposing a cessation of hostilities in the war for TCFKABC, a war that’s being fought out in an almost embarrassingly public manner between the CoinGeek/Dr. Craig White-backed Bitcoin SV protocol and the opposing Roger Ver/ Bitcoin ABC, CoinGeek boss Roger Ayre received short shrift from his adversaries.

As we hinted may be the case in our coverage of Ayre’s olive branch yesterday, Bitcoin ABC’s figurehead – ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, Roger Ver – appeared to be in no mood to come to the table with an SV team that has consistently appeared to be the aggressor as heated verbal salvos have been fired by the two sides in recent weeks. Indeed, in an masterfully brief sub-tweeted response, he had just four words on the matter:

We’re not saying that Ver took great joy in throwing back some of the social media mockery that he’s faced in the last week or so – from Dr. Wright, especially – but prior to this he’d prefaced his rejection with a remix of the popular ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme.

And a list of Wright’s ‘broken promises’ to the BCH community…

Ayre, evidently, did not take Ver’s rebuff well.

In a response that almost proves that what’s gone on with TCFKABC in the last few days has not-so-much killed, as brutally murdered any concept of irony in the crypto world, his response was to almost immediately threaten Ver and his collaborators with the release of documents he claims shows market manipulation “and more” among the main players on the ABC side.

His news site, also branded CoinGeek like the mining pool he has been using to power Bitcoin SV, has since published a series of pieces that appear to target those who have criticised SV. The Kraken exchange comes  under fire, having warned its users of the high-risk nature of trading in Bitcoin SV and awarding the coveted BCH ticker to Bitcoin ABC, while the OKEx platform also got its own piece after it was forced to deny allegations from investment firm Amber AI that it had manipulated markets by closing Bitcoin Cash Futures early in the run-up to the fork.

While many exchanges, including BitMEX which offers similar BCH futures, have had to dive into their policy documents to work out how to deal with the highly contentious fork of the currency (BitMEX was also criticised for its choice on how to proceed), Ayre seemed pretty confident that OKEx was attempting to manipulate the market – and linked them to ABC in a way that doesn’t seem evident, at least on a surface level.

CoinGeek has since moved on to an explainer on why Bitcoin ABC should no longer be referred to as Bitcoin, a line that ran through Ayre’s blog yesterday and cuts to the heart of the schism between the two sides – one of which wants to add features to the protocol (ABC), and the other that wants to roll back the protocol to something closer to the original Bitcoin code but with expanded block sizes.

Whichever side of the fence on that philosophical point you fall, it’s hard to deny that the fallout of this mess – featuring four of the biggest cryptocurrency personas in Wright, Ver, Ayre and Bitmain’s Jihan Wu – has been pretty disastrous. Whether there is cause and effect between this spat and the collapse in the price of cryptocurrencies we’ve seen in recent days will be analysed for a while yet, but the optics of this happening at a time when confidence in distributed ledger systems is as low as it’s been all year cannot be great for the wider ecosystem.

However, the whole unseemly affair looks set to run for a while yet, and it seems the prime weapon from now on will be good ol’ mud.