Bitcoin fan is hired by Donald Trump for senior White House role

Incoming White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney has been one of the friendliest voices towards crypto in the US government…

American president Donald Trump has hardly been the friendliest world leader towards cryptocurrencies, and that’s reflected by the relatively hostile and oppositional position taken by US government agencies. In a surprise, though, the man Donald Trump has finally hired to fill his Chief of Staff role at the White House turns out to be an advocate of cryptocurrencies.

Mick Mulvaney has accepted the position that for a while it was rumoured nobody seemed to want. He’ll be acting White House chief of staff as of January. How long he lasts in it is anyone’s guess of cause: few people seem to last too long in the prominent positions in Trump’s government. But for the minute, Mulvaney’s appointment has been seen as a boon for the crypto community.

That’s because during his time working at the House of Representatives, Mulvaney was very much pro-crypto and blockchain. To the point where he was amongst a group of people who were actively investigating and drawing up legislation to cover the new technology. Furthermore, he was a part of the group of people who were looking to set up the Blockchain Caucus, which has worked on a couple of acts to put before the American house.

Whether he gets to implement any of those views in his new roles remains to be seen, although we’d have to charitably say it’s a long shot in the current political climate. Nonetheless, it makes a surprising change to have someone at least on the side of crypto and blockchain in such a notable position within the US government.

Image: BigStock