Bitcoin-inspired art exhibition to take place in France

A group of artists will put on a cryptocurrency art exhibition in France in celebrate Bitcoin’s ten-year anniversary.

Art (r)Evolution is a collection of international artworks inspired by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, exploring how the technology has impacted artist’ relationship with their audience.

‘Can Bitcoin provide freedom from the traditional art market?’ is one question that will be asked, and works will explore the “unique opportunity to decode the potential upheavals that cryptocurrency and blockchain can cause in the world of art.”

Pascal Boyart, artist and organiser, told The Next Web: “We had the idea to organise an exhibition in Paris to show possible use cases of cryptocurrencies and connect the international crypto-friendly artists. France, though Paris, is well positioned to become the capital of this new artistic movement between art and crypto.

“[Crypto Art] redefines the way an artist can engage his audience. The advent of cryptocurrencies is not just a monetary revolution, it’s also a cultural revolution.”

Artwork at the exhibition will be available to purchase via – naturally – crypto including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Monero. Bitcoin has also been hidden within the works of art, and attendees have been tasked with finding it.

As well as Boyart, those taking part include Andy Bauch, Coin Artist, Nanu Berks, Yom de Saint Phalle, Ilies Issiakhem, Josephine Bellini, Yosh, Mark Bern, Choq, and Youl.

Art (r)Evolution will take place between 28 September and 5 October.