Bitcoin was ninth most viewed Wikipedia page last year

The Wikipedia page for Bitcoin was in the top ten most viewed during 2017, the site’s Top 50 Report reveals.

The page comes above topics such as the 2017 remake of It, Queen Victoria, Dwayne Johnson and Elon Musk, and slots into ninth place with 15,026,561 views across the year. This is just one place below views of the page for the United States.

The page itself describes Bitcoin as: “as good as gold, shinier than lead, bubblier than tulips, held deep in the mines, and driving people nuts. Gold has enriched adventurers and Bitcoin has held fools to ransom.

“You may dive in a pool of gold, but lose it all at war. Strangely, while you can still buy gold today and forget about it until your great-grandchildren cash it out, the much-hyped ‘future of money’ has turned into the most speculative intangible asset of all time, while proving totally unsuitable as a means of payment.”