Bitcoin will plummet to zero, argues Bitcoin Cash founder

No need to ask what side of the cryptocurrency fence Calvin Ayre is on…

Bitcoin enjoyed a price rally yesterday, a rare piece of good news for the leading cryptocurrency after what’s been a testing (and isn’t that an understatement) end to the year. Prices jumped up by around 10% in a matter of hours, turning the cryptocurrency price board green. But rest assured there’s already someone out there willing to talk it back down.

In this case, the man in question is Calvin Ayre, the co-founder of Bitcoin Cash. He was talking to the outlet that’s cornered the market in block caps keys on keyboards, The Express, and he argued of Bitcoin that “I am predicting it to go to zero value” over the next year, adding “it has no utility”.

“It does not do anything”, he said, “and they intentionally are anti-scaling”.

Ayre is one of those who’s nailed his colours to the mast of Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision, the controversial coin that came into being following the Bitcoin Cash hard fork back in November. He argues that the year ahead for Bitcoin Cash SV is going to be “amazing”.

A pair of fairly bold predictions, in a marketplace and ecosystem that isn’t shy on fairly bold predictions, then. Ayre does add his belief that the current bear market shouldn’t be put down to the hard fork that took place last month (although he does save some ire for the rival Bitcoin Cash ABC camp).

The piece with the Express is here.

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