BitDegree pays students in crypto for plugging skills gap

Lithuanian cryptocurrency start-ups BitDegree is hoping to overhaul the way the tech industry hires new talent by offering students online courses with crypto incentives.

The company has its own native cryptocurrency founded at the start of 2017, and students learning technology skills through its free courses will receive a financial incentive in the form of the BitDegree Token.

BitDegree will work with companies with a skills gap they need to fill, who will then help fund the courses that will potentially train new hires.

Electronic Arts co-founder Jeff Burton, who is on the advisory board, said: “BitDegree is pursuing a way of reaching millions of people with material which they need in order to succeed and it’s in a way which is so elegant and it has not been possible before.”

It’s well known that there is a strong need for blockchain and crypto experts in the industry, as the sector explodes at a rate traditional education cannot keep up with.

This more specialised approach has the potential to fix that problem in the short-term, with students able to invest in crypto at the same time as learning valuable skills. The free nature of courses also opens up these industries to a more diverse talent pool.

“It aims to open up technology courses to everyone, regardless of their income, to address skills shortages,” added CEO and co-founder Andrius Putna.