BitFi: John McAfee’s unhackable wallet adds more token support

With BitFi’s defences apparently still holding, support for ERC-20 tokens has now been added…

The narrative seems to have moved on slightly where the John McAfee-backed apparently unhackable cryptocurrency wallet is concerned. Over the past week or two, stories have spiked that hackers have managed to get past BitFi’s defences, including the rooting of the software allowing one hacker to play the videogame Doom within it.

However, as McAfee himself points out, the Bitcoins that have been stored in three wallets he set up have remained in tact. That’s in spite of McAfee offering a six figure bounty to any hacker who can get the money out of them. As such, despite much debate, his unhackable claim appears to be holding.

Furthermore, BitFi is expanding its operation too. It’s now announced that it’ll be adding supporting for all ERC-20 tokens to its wallets. As it argues in its announcement of the news, “No more 3rd party websites to access your tokens!”. Every ERC-20 token is set to be supported as a result of the new move as well.

McAfee continues to double down on his assertion that the wallet is unhackable too, and on the BitFi Twitter account, exchanges are taking place between those who claim to have broken through its defences, and BitFi looking for proof, before making a payment. Here’s a sample Tweet.

You can find out more about BitFi at its website, here.