Bitmain and Binance heads feature among list of richest Chinese citizens

The 20th annual incarnation of the Hurun Research rich-list sees some of the biggest names in Blockchain take a place among the ranking of the wealthiest Chinese citizens

This year, blockchain is being trumpeted as the fastest-growing industry sector on the list, which has seen the biggest drop ever in the number of individuals features. The sector provides, 14 new names to a 1892-strong group that demands they be worth over $200m in order to be part of it. The total number of those qualifying in 2018 has hrunk from well over 2,000 last year.

Top of the New Kids From The Blockchain are Bitmain’s Zhan Ketuan and Jihan Wu. Ketuan, the largest shareholder in Bitmain – as revealed by their recent IPO documents – is valued in the region of $4.3bn. That puts him at no. 95 in the chart overall – as the only member of the crypto community to rank in Top 100 and one of only five new entrants to do so, with such rating requiring a valuation of at least $4.2bn.

Wu takes 204th place on the list, and is marked out as holder of the biggest self-made fortune among the 56 individuals featured that were born after 1985. His fortune is estimated at $2.4bn.

Third among the crypto contingent was Binance’s Changpeng Zhao, with an estimated value of US$2.2bn. Xu Mingxing of OKCoin came in at 354th, while Huobi’s Lin Li ranked 556th alongside noted Bitcoin whale, Xiaolai Li of BitFund.

Three others with interests in Bitmain also feature on the list: Zhaofeng Zhao (709th),Yuesheng Ge, andYishuo Hu (joint 1,233rd).

You can read more about the Richlist, which is topped by Alibaba’s Jack Ma – with a worth of around $39 – and download the whole thing here.