Blockchain and crypto-related job market rising in Asia

Blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs are booming in Asia, with new openings attracting professionals from other industries.

According to a report from CNBC, while more jobs in blockchain are arising, the youth of the industry means that there aren’t many people with the full skillsets required.

Julian Hosp, co-founder of Singapore-based crypto wallet and card start-up TenX, said: “We hardly ever hire from inside of crypto because most people inside of crypto are very inexperienced. You have very, very few people who are experienced who get into the crypto industry.”

As expected, interest in Bitcoin-related roles began to rise sharply at the tail end of 2017, at the same time as the virtual coin’s value spiked.

“If crypto is doing well, if people are making money in crypto, we get huge inbound from people because they feel like, ‘I need to jump on this wave’,” Hosp continued.

“And then when you see crypto going down – and we saw this at the very beginning [of this year] and we’re seeing this right now – then we see that immediately the demand of people, they’re like, ‘Oh no, this is a dying industry, I shouldn’t go in there.’ So it’s completely emotional.”

Data from Indeed, measuring jobs against searches per 1 million, shows that since September 2017 job openings on the service have risen consistantly. Searches have also increased, though at a slower pace.

A spokesperson for Indeed said: “The situation in Asia seems to mirror the US in that Bitcoin [job search] trends are much more volatile (and related to price volatility) and resulting media coverage while blockchain and cryptocurrency searches have seen a more consistent upwards trajectory.”