“Blockchain and cryptos are here to stay”, insist business advisory firm as it begins to accept Bitcoin

Skoda Minotti has announced that it’s now accepting Bitcoin for its services…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

Multiple service providers and businesses have started to accept cryptocurrency payments. The latest company to jump into the bandwagon is Skoda Minotti. The renowned business advisory firm recently started accepting cryptocurrencies for client service payments.

Despite payment processors ensuring no value is lost during the exchange process, one of the major reasons why few companies accept Bitcoin is due to the volatility of its price. Firms like BitPay will convert major cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies at the rate of the time of payment. However, that is not sufficient to convince other firms to embrace cryptocurrencies, not least because it adds a further time delay to the process.

Nonetheless, Skoda Minotti sees no objections in this regard. It offers business advice to clients across the US. Since a few discussions with clients revolve around the cryptocurrencies and the exposure to this form of money, Skoda Minotti decided to integrate a Bitcoin payment option to offer support to crypto proponents.

In addition, the firm wants to remain committed to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Nick Ward, Skoda Minotti’s senior staff accountant, confirms that the company believes both the industries are here to stay. He said that “accepting Bitcoin furthers our commitment to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. We believe it is here to stay and will continue to support our clients by allowing them to choose their preferred payment method”.

Skoda Minotti relies on Coinbase to complete transactions, and doesn’t charge a fee for processing these payments. This is great news for Coinbase too, moving the perception of its business towards more than just a trading exchange.

Image: BigStock