Blockchain project will reward donors for their genomic data

Fancy earning some rewards using just your genes? Well, a new blockchain project is reportedly allowing people to do just that, offering perks in exchange for individuals’ genomic data.

The data will be used by Shivom as part of he “world’s largest genomic data hub,” reports CoinTelegraph, and subsequently utilised by scientists and other organisations within the Shovom ‘ecosystem’.

In the interest of data privacy, donors will have complete control over their information even after it has been sold to third parties. They will also be able to receive personalised medical analysis using the OmiX tokens.

COO and co-founder Gourish Singla said: “We are unique from our competitors across the genomics and the Blockchain healthcare space due to our profound business and data privacy model. Shivom’s comprehensive business model leverages game theory and network effects to establish a fully integrated healthcare service system with long-term sustainability and the possibility for users to monetize their data, by charging for usage”