Blockchain-related jobs are snowballing because of Bitcoin

Job vacancies in fields related to blockchain tripled at the end of last year, and interest in the roles has also escalated.

Jobs themselves went from from 26 in a million to 83 in a million between December 2016-December 2017, reveals the study from Indeed (via City AM), and candidates interested in the positions jumped from 8.8 per million to 73.1 per million.

The most in-demand jobs include developer, recruiter and software engineer.

As with many specialties in tech, blockchain has an issue with the skills gap and these figures are very encouraging in this regard. According to Indeed, there were four times more vacancies than people to fill them just a year ago.

Bill Richards, Indeed UK managing director, said: “While the number of opportunities and searches remains modest, Indeed’s data shows companies are increasingly seeking experts to focus on this new technology – and jobseekers have been quick to react.”