Blockchain salaries are going through the roof

A salary comparison suggests that blockchain engineers are now earning as much as artificial intelligence specialists…

A new report from America suggests that, as more and more companies embrace the technology, the demand for blockchain engineers is growing. And as a consequence of that, salaries of such engineers are heading through the roof.

This all comes at a time when cryptocurrency itself is settling, having been through something of a bruising time. But in the world of blockchain, growth continues to spike.

As per a report at CNBC in the States (that in turn gleamed its figures from a tech recruitment company by the name of Hired), it now argues that a blockchain engineer is one of the highest paid roles in software development. The current market rate is between $150,000 and $175,000 on average. In British money, that equates to around £114,000 and £133,000. Not a bad clump of change, that.

Furthermore, it’s also been revealed that the salaries for blockchain engineers have hit the same level as those for artificial intelligence specialists. And just to ice this particular cake, the demand for blockchain engineers is continuing to grow as well.

The backdrop to all of this is a growing number of major companies who are turning to blockchain technology, and thus recruiting for the required expertise to do so. In the UK, NatWest Bank is one of the latest to add its name to the list, whilst it’s been well reported that companies such as Amazon and Facebook have large projects underway that aim to harness the benefits of blockchain.

The way things are going, demand shows little sign of settling down. As a consequence of that, neither will salaries…

Image: BigStock