Blockchain technology supporting new VR racing videogaming

The Ethereum blockchain will be underpinning a brand new racing videogame…

Here’s an interesting project. From Blockchain Studios comes CryptoCarz, a new racing videogame, that brings together blockchain technology, virtual reality and gaming tech.

The idea of the game is that it’s a multiplayer title, where racers need to buy or hire a car. Said ownership is then recorded via the Ethereum blockchain, and the idea is that you can then buy or sell your virtual motor as a digital asset, should you so wish. Every car in the game will be unique, too, which should help give each vehicle a slightly different value.

The plan is to open up a special CryptoCarz marketplace in the months ahead. Players will be able to race their cars, once they’ve procured them, to compete in upcoming eSports tournaments.

20 car models are currently included in the game, representing the current top cryptocurrencies. The auction for the first cars in the game will take place next month.

More details on CryptoCarz can be found at its website, here.