Blokusign wants to make Gmail signatures more secure

Blokusign, a Gmail-integrated blockchain-based digital signature tool, has been released by Sagewise following beta tests.

The software uses the distributed ledger to better authenticate digital signature records, thus making them more secure. One of hte first tools of its kind to be receive direct integration with Gmail, the thinking behind it is based on the idea that using blockchain technology for everyday things consumers already know how to do could accelerate widespread adoption.

Amy Wan, co-founder and CEO of Sagewise, said: “Gmail integration was paramount for the launch of Blokusign, as we wanted to make the experience as user-friendly as possible. By leveraging a platform most people are familiar with and making our interface intuitive, consumers can use Blokusign without having tolearn any new behaviours, making mass adoption much more likely.”

Set up in 2017, Sagewise is a firm that focuses on resolving disputes that arise in relation to smart contract technology.

More and more use cases for blockchain and smart contracts are starting to appear but, despite the buzz around the technology, it’s not without its risks.

According to recent research, a quarter of smart contracts have a critical vulnerability and 3 in 5 have at least one security issue.

There are also more reports of apprehension from experts around the use of blockchain to improve security, with a study by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine saying on the topic of blockchain-based voting last week:

“While the notion of using a blockchain as an immutable ballot box may seem promising, blockchain technology does little to solve the fundamental security issues of elections and, indeed, blockchains introduce additional security vulnerabilities… Blockchains are decentralised, but elections are inherently centralised.”