BrandShield and AmaZix are teaming up to fight crypto fraud

AI-powered cyber intelligence firm BrandShield will partner with AmaZix to protect customers from fraud in to the crypto community.

AmaZix is the world’s leading community management and engagement firm for crypto startups, and the partnership with BrandShield will allow threats on social media platforms and websites to be constantly monitored and removed.

Jonas Sevel Karlberg, CEO of AmaZix, said: “AmaZix prides itself on working as a partner to its crypto startup clients, working alongside the founding team to build a supportive community for the best crypto startups. A big part of this work is keeping the community safe by being vigilant to scamming activity.

“The community is nothing without trust , confidence, and the best security measures being put into place. BrandShield’s exceptional technology makes this a reality, not only for us, but do all of the clients that we support and represent.”

It is estimated that $670 million worth of cryptocurrency was lost through scams in the first quarter of 2018, with hackers attracted to the rising popularity of crypto.

BrandShield’s MyShield – a decentralised anti-scam platform that will crowd-source knowledge – will be used to complete the mission to protect from and guard against fraud from the crypto space.

“The recent collaboration and multiplayer partnership with AmaZix is a major step towards creating a secure ecosystem for the blockchain world,” added Yoav Keren, CEO of BrandShield. “Scams are plaguing this industry, slowly stripping away layers of trust with the public. We want to instill a sense of confidence and security back into the space, and start with some of the biggest names in the industry.”