Brave web browser planning crypto ads rewards program

Web browser Brave has announced plans for a trial program that uses blockchain technology to reward users for viewing online adverts.

The project is being headed by Javascript creator and Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich and will work to ease the problem of ad-blocking by delivering its Basic Attention Token (BAT) to users who give their consent to view ads.

Eich said: “The user deserves a share because their attention is being used up a little bit by ads. We’re working on better advertising that is truly private.

“The BAT is the token for remonetising the user’s attention, including the user in a fair play system. That is what denominates attention in the sense of user engagement in a way that is not likely to be abused and rewards the users.”

Interestingly, Eich also says that once the platform is fully implemented users could stand to receive 70 per cent of the gross ad revenue.

Further trials are currently underway to determine whether the ad model works, and the first group of users will receive a special version of the browser with 250 pre-packaged ads.