Update: now Matalan’s Twitter account has been hacked by Bitcoin scammers too

A second major verified Twitter account in the UK has been hacked…

After film distributor Pathe UK finally got control back of its Twitter feed a few hours ago (story below), now the official Twitter presence of high street store Matalan has been hacked too.

It’s the same drill: it’s been made to look as if it’s from Elon Musk, and is promising no shortage of Bitcoin riches.

Here’s the Matalan Twitter feed – with its blue tick! – at the time of writing. Be warned: this is a scam.

Here’s our story from earlier today…

A verified Twitter account belonging to a UK film distribution company has been hacked, and has started promoting cryptocurrency malware.

Pathe UK is a film distribution company in Britain, that has over 20,000 Twitter followers, and as a consequence a verified blue tick. However, in the last hour as this piece is being penned, the account has been hijacked, and has started retweeting and pumping out Tweets, in a bid presumably to convince people that it’s the official account of controversial Tesla boss, Elon Musk.

Furthermore, a Tweet posted to the account, and pinned to the top of it, is now claiming that Musk has quit Tesla, and is giving away cryptocurrency to mark the occasion. 10,000 Bitcoins, to be exact.

This is, to be clear, 100% absolutely a scam. But a very, very high profile one. As per the norm with such scams, it invites users to send a small amount of crypto to a given wallet, and in return, multiple Bitcoins will be credited to your account. Although, of course they won’t.

UPDATE: 241 people have already fallen for this scam, handing over around $130k worth of Bitcoin

Just to be clear: Elon Musk has not quit his job, nor is he giving away cryptocurrency. Here’s the post that’s landed on the Pathe account…

Presumably, it’s just a matter of time before Pathe regains control of its account (update: that’s now happened). In the meantime, the Tweet is garnering a sizeable amount of attention, and the appearance of being a Musk verified account is obviously leading to it gaining more interest than it should.

Note too that it’s a promoted Tweet – although whether that’s Pathe’s bank account or the hacker’s doing the promotion is unclear.

The account was finally restored just after lunchtime today.