CEO of eToro on Ethereum, and reasons to be cheerful

Ethereum has come in for a bit of a battering of late – but it’s not all doom and gloom.

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

In an interview with prominent personalities of the crypto world, including Yoni Assia (the CEO and founder of eToro), Moshe Hogeg (the CEO of Sirin Labs) and Daniel Peled (the CEO of Orbs), cryptocurrency advocate Ran Neu-Ner has spoken about the future of Ethereum in the wake of an ICO bust.

Crypto trader and influencer, Ran kicked off the interview on Crypto Trader by first talking about the situation of ICO funding in August. The funding rose from the July low of $417 million to $500 million. The statistics revealed that $54 million was raised for the tZero and $100 million for the Hash Graph.

The current bear market has continued to cement Bitcoin’s dominance over the market, accounting for 53% of it, which raised questions upon the long-term viability of the primary platform to raise funds for ICOs: Ethereum. When Ran questioned Moshe about the situation of the utility token market, he talked about “actually supporting the industry, but fighting it at the same time, without understanding”.

“But this is what happens, the market started to go down, a lot of people lost a lot of money”.

Daniel Peled, meanwhile, blamed the immature infrastructure layer for the negligible amount of the utility tokens in the market. Yoni Assia, on the other hand, revealed that he is bullish on Ethereum. He added that Ethereum is the most used smart contract platform. Moshe and Daniel also added that Ethereum blockchain will see a significant rise in the number of dApps on its platform in the next five years and claimed a minimum of 10,000 daily users on dApps.

This all comes as Ethereum’s price has had what could fairly be called a ‘very difficult week’. Many will be hoping that Yoni Assia’s optimism is rewarded.

Image: BigStock