CFA Institute adds crypto and blockchain to its exams

The CFA Institute, behind one of the hardest finance exams, will add crypto and blockchain-related topics to its tests after seeing their popularity with students.

The new curriculum is released in August and for the first time will include blockchain and cryptocurrency as topics. Following this, Level I and Level II students will have to study these new technologies within the new Fintech in Investment Management topic.

Candidates reportedly showed great interest in crypto and this was observed by the institute and subsequently acted upon.

Stephen Horan, managing director for general education and curriculum at CFA Institute in Chalottesville, Virginia, said: “We saw the field advancing more quickly than other fields and we also saw it as more durable. This is not a passing fad.”

The curriculum also includes corporate finance, quantitative methods, economics, portfolio management, alternative investments, and financial reporting.

“It will be beneficial for us, since there’s been a huge expansion and adoption of crypto in our investment universe,” added Kayden Lee, a financial economics student at Columbia University and former CFA Level I student. “But more importantly the focus is on fintech and blockchain. How it works to improve, unravel or even disrupt certain sectors.”