Chinese police seize 600 Bitcoin-mining computers after electricity surge

Six people have been arrested in northern China, after trying to bypass a five figure electricity bill, run up by Bitcoin mining…

In the latest story highlighting the electrical – and consequently environmental – demands of cryptocurrency mining, police in China have seized 600 computers and six people have been arrested.

The computers concerned were being used to mine Bitcoin, and their owners had found a way to short circuit their power meter, to get their electricity for free. Their antics came to the attention of the local electrical company however, after it noticed line loss on one particular line peaking at 28%.

This all took place in Tianjin, in the north of China. Local police called it the biggest power theft case in recent years. They have since confiscated the computers, along with eight high-power fans that were being used to keep them cool.

The arrests followed, with the people concerned being accused of trying to avoid electricity bills that would have run to the equivalent of around £10,000 a month. One person was detained, and five remain under investigation.

Image: BigStock