Chinese smartphone giant looking to adopt blockchain-friendly OS features

Could we soon see decentralised apps and cold storage wallets running alongside our standard Android features?

Huawei, currently the world’s third-largest maker of smartphones – behind, of course, Apple and Samsung – is considering adopting elements the blockchain-friendly Sirin OS to create a crypto-friendly model of its own, according to reports.

Sirin OS, is a product of Sirin Labs, makers of the almost-comically expensive (and widely ignored) super-secure Solarin mobile phone, which recently shifted its business model by announcing an ICO for its as-yet-unreleased ‘Finney’-branded mobile phone and all-in-one PC. Both of those feature so-called ‘cold storage’ (offline) crypto-wallets, secure P2P resource sharing and distributed ledger consensus. This allows the Finney to run OS-specific decentralised apps – that will be available from its own D-app store, and bought with its SRN coin which the phone will allow users to buy using automatic conversion software within the phone.

Apparently, Sirin Labs has 25,000 or so pre-orders for $1000 Finney phone, which is due to ship later in 2018, but working alongside Huawei would open up its technology to many, many more people. Apparently, its plan – discussions on which are in their early stages, according to Bloomberg – would see Sirin OS features implemented alongside Google’s Android OS, allowing a best-of-both worlds interaction. No formal agreement is currently on the table, however.