CoinField exchange is now exploring XRP as a base currency

XRP is being added to another sizeable cryptocurrency exchange…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Cornfield has announced in a tweet that it was evaluating adding XRP as a base currency. The tweet also mentioned that XRP will stand the possibility of being paired with 30 other cryptocurrencies along with major international fiat currencies.

Many crypto proponents on numerous occasions have requested the popular Binance crypto exchange to add the digital assets as a base currency to move value more quickly. Here, for instance, is a Tweet from one of those users…

There are various reasons given by XRP fans to make this digital asset a base currency for the platform, including the fact that XRP is quicker and cheaper, a base currency of XRP would in theory attract more users, XRP would also potentially attract the whales (and the big money that’s expected to come with them), and also that other popular exchanges are adapting XRP as a base currency.

CoinField is one of the top North American cryptocurrency exchanges, with a large portfolio of coins available. It aims to make the crypto world fully accessible to the residents of Canada. Currently, the exchange has the Canadian Dollar paired with ETH, XRP, DASH, LTC, BTC, BTG and BCH, and the American dollar paired with BTC and XRP.

If CoinField decides to bring XRP as a base currency, the exchange’s liquidity will increase, which eventually will attract loyal XRP fans to its platform.

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