CoinMetro brings HanseCoin in for its ICO Express platform

HanseCoin will become the first project to join crypto exchange CoinMetro on its new ICO Express platform.

HanseCoin is an Estonia-based company that tokenises ‘hard assets’ such as real estate, liquidising areas with its Asset-Backed Tokens that would traditionally be less accessible for investors.

The first venture will be a midsize real estate development project of 250 apartments and houses in Tallin, Estonia.

Dr Chris Kacher, co-founder of HanseCoin, said: “HanseCoin has been designed to address the significant gap between two areas of capital raise. At the lower end, we have current small enterprise banking, friends and family investment which is typically under EUR1.5 million.

“At the high end, we have large scale project financing, investments by existing listed funds and wealth managers, which focus on capital raises above EUR10 million. HanseCoin is perfectly positioned between the two.”

ICO Express offers vetted ICOs access to more transparent and secure funding rounds, with resulting tokens able to me traded immediately on the CoinMetro Exchange.

“Asset-backed tokens are the next phase of crypto financing; the asset provides a floor to the price and increases stability versus speculative tokens,” added Kevin Murko, CEO of CoinMetro. “HanseCoin’s residential development in our home city of Tallinn is a perfect example of an asset-backed token, and that’s why we have chosen it as the first project on our ICO Express platform.”

Potential investors for HanseCoin will need to get the password by joining the HanseCoin channel on Telegram. The first private token sale is now live.