Colombian soccer captain launches first active footballer ICO

Bayern Munich footballer and Colombian national team captain, James Rodriguez, has become the first active player to launch his own cryptocurrency.

While we have reported on former sports stars and celebrities endorsing and creating their own cryptocurrencies – for better or worse – Colombian football captain, James Rodriquez (often just referred to as James), is now the first active player to hold his own ICO.

Using the SelfSell funding app, the player – who last season was on loan to German team Bayern Munich from Real Madrid, and is now preparing  to for the upcoming World Cup in Russia – has just sold out a $500,000 pre-sale of his JR10 crypto tokens in, SelfSell claims, just 12 seconds. A full public sale is due to begin on June 12th, a week before Colombia kicks off its Group H campaign against Japan.

The Colombian football star, delivered news of his JR10 plans via a recorded message, shown during the speech of the SelfSell Founder & CEO, Yuan Li at the BlockShow 2018 in Berlin. He called JR10, “a super cool trial” that will allow his fans exclusive access to “gifts” – such as match tickets, souvenirs, and exclusive merchandise as well as fanclub activities.

A press release quotes Li as saying that by “holding JR10, his fans will be ‘more than just cheering spectators, they also the beneficiaries of his growing value.'”

SelfSell, which describes itself as a “people-based Nasdaq”, is essentially a cryptocurrency driven crowdfunding application, that allows people to invest in other people by buying its own Self-Sell token. These can then be used to claim rewards and gifts – as appears to be the case of James – or enter into a smart contracts that allows financial rewards to be paid out based on that initial investment.

Details of how it operates can be seen here.