Combining AI, blockchain and crypto can save society, says Fabio Zoffi

Speaking at the Crypto Investor Show Fabio Zoffi, CEO of the ORS Group, explained why the combination of artificial intelligence, blockchain and crypto (the digital ABCs) will lead to humanity’s bright future.

Zoffi wants to empower 1 billion entrepreneurs by 2040, in an effort to offset the power of corporations and conglomerates as technology moves forward.

“We have in this community the unique opportunity to use these technologies not only for doing some business, but also for changing society for the better,” he said. “The vision is that we can connect artificial intelligence, blockchain and crypto to empower the planetary network of entrepreneurs.

“We all know and understand that the next 2-3 decades, robots and AI will arrive around the world and we won’t have enough jobs for 10 million people. We can have two different scenarios – a dystopian one or a utopian one. The dystopian one is where we continue with accumulation of wealth and inequality so that we have 5 people out of 50 owning 90 percent of the assets – living like gods while everyone else exists inside a bad science fiction movie.”

To achieve this, the ORS Group wants to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses to compete with larger corporations using a more efficient value chain. Using the example of a small winery, AI would offer them algorithms to improve their business, blockchain would offer transparent tracking for consumers, and crypto would streamline payments.

Zoffi continued: “If we empower billions of people to be entrepreneurs, because it has never been as easy as now, and we have billions of financially independent and spiritually free people voting for very different politicians, then we won’t have a planet ruled by corporations. That’s my own goal.”