Company requests crypto mining tool be used by FEC for 2020 elections

Cryptocurrency could play a role in the 2020 US elections, according to a recent request to embed crypto mining tools on the FEC website.

The request came from Osia Network, and the US Federal Election Committee is now alegedly considering whether it will allow political campaigns to raise money through crypto mining.

According to the document, the company would take a small amount of earnings as compensation. Volunteers would be asked to offer up a portion of their CPU power for the purpose of mining, and a political candidate of their choice would then receive the proceeds.

Blockchain and crypto have so far had a dicy relationship with the political world, though some have attempted to utilise the new technology for their campaigns.

For example, this summer Northa Carolina Republican candidate Emmanuel Wilder was banned from accepting crypto donations. Commenting on the matter, he said: “New things are scary to people, and people [are] generally resistant to change.”

In March, the Sierra Leone government was forced to deny that it had used blockchain in its election, after the opposite was reported widely (including by CNR).

Then of course there’s John McAfee, who has vowed that he will be including “as much of the cryptocurrency world as [possible]” in his promised bid for US President in 2020. Notably, while McAfee says he does not want the job, he does want the platform of a run to increase the profile of crypto. This news, then, may be music to his ears.